Google Maps is showing map of China?? SOLVED

tplowe56 Member
edited March 2 in General support

Doubtful this is any kind of ZP problem but my photos which are mostly located in N America or Africa are now being placed on a map of China. I have generated a new AP Key and cleared HTML cache, still the same map of china. Very weird.

Now after doing some research I see why, the "-" has been stripped from the coords

The exif gps is "44°52'46.086" N 93°12'22.47" W"

or "44.879468333333, -93.206241666667"

but now in back end it is "44.879468333333, 93.206241666667 (missing the minus symbol)

I have done nothing to my gallery for a couple of weeks, weird that it just showed up.


I had turned Latitude & Longitude "Reference" field OFF, not realizing it's importance.


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