Slide show enhancement.


Slide show function is really useful, but it stops when a non picture file is found.
I mix still pictures, videos, txt files in my albums.
Slide show stops on the 1st video or txt file.

Using only still pictures, slide show loops.

Where can I add a condition to skip txt and video files ? slide show could loop in those cases.

This is the last problem I have with Zenphoto.
I started using Zenphoto 1 year ago, have learned a lot. Often made changes !
I've checked again everything under Linux, MacOs and Windows, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge.

Zenphoto is really a great CMS.
Ready to spend more time on content !



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Hm, I thought it should only cover image file types and exclude all other file types as that is problematic. We'll take a look. Thanks for the note.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    The support build slideshow2 plugin has a fix for this now and should ignore non image file types.

  • ctdlg Member

    With today's support build slideshow2 plugin, no picture is displayed.
    No menu (next, previous, stop ...)
    I downloaded the build from your home page website.

    I replaced slideshow2.php file in my /zp-core/zp-extensions folder.
    I also replaced the slideshow2 folder in my /zp-core/zp-extensions folder.
    And I emptied the cache_html folder

    Restoring all previous files / folder solves the problem : pictures are displayed as long as they correspond to pictures (jpg files)

    Same problem with your Garland Theme (I'm using a modified version of the basic theme.)

    I've tested your files under my localhost linux machine, not on my real website.

    I cannot find any new setting in the slideshow2 extension admin page.

    diff slideshow2.php oldslideshow2.php gives me too many results, so I cannot understand what I'm doing wrong.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Thanks, apparently some typo sneaked in… Try again.

    But generally test the whole support build as official plugins used with older release are not guaranteed to work at all. In this case it should work with 1.5.1 I think.

  • ctdlg Member

    This version is much better than the one found in 1.5.1.

    It works, but there is still a little bug : slide show runs until it finds, saying a video; it displays the thumbnail of the video, and then loops with 1st image (this last step is correct)

    It should not display any video or txt thumbnail.

    I have just replaced the slideshow2.php file, and I'm using Zenphoto 1.5.1

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I will take another look. Actually it should remove all non image slides before actually showing anything.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I fear I cannot reproduce this. Seems to work in all themes using the cycle and colorbox mode.

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