printCustomMenu with class ul element


I would like to use menu_manager extension function to create a navbar for bootstrap.
I need to have this structure with a class to ul:

However printCustomMenu only offers the possibility to specify en id of the ul. I tried this:

<?php printCustomMenu('menu_0','list','navbar-nav', 'nav-item active', 'nav-item', 'nav-item active', '0' ); ?>

Which produces:

Is there a way to define the class for the ul element of affects the navbar-nav class using an ID?




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited March 2019

    I fear not without modifying printCustomMenu() respectively creating your own custom version of it.

    There is simply no class setup for the ulsince you technically can achieve everything by using the css cascade. Nowadays I would not use an id but changing this will result in compatibility issues naturally.
    This kind of inflexibility by predefined requirements is a drawback of frameworks like bootstrap as usefull as they might be (and why I personally don't use such frameworks actually).

    You could add a class via JS but not sure if that can be considered reliable.

  • vincent3569 Member, Translator

    are you using zpBootstrap?
    the theme doesn't support this plugin, and I am working on it.

  • davidarnoult Member
    edited April 2019


    @acrylian: Thank you, it is clear. How can I create /xclass my own version of it? Do I need to copy it in functions.php of my theme?

    @vincent3569: Yes, I tried your theme which is very good indeed. Actually I am working on my own theme based (simpler one) including bootstrap v4 and wish to support menu_manager plugin too. If you work on this feature, I will obviously keep an eye on your development or we could share some work too?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Thank you, it is clear. How can I create /xclass my own version of it? Do I need to copy it in functions.php of my theme?

    Yes, copy the function to your theme's functions.php and rename it. Also add a check that the plugin is enabled so the site does not directly break if not.

  • vincent3569 Member, Translator

    Keep one eyes on my github repository:
    I made the improvements on requested files (front end and admin) and I have to do some tests before commit.

  • Thank you both for your support. I will check and test it when I will find some time...

  • vincent3569 Member, Translator

    @davidarnoult: zpBoostrap now supports menu_manager plugin.
    you can have a look on my github repository:

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Btw, a good solution to workaround the missing class on the menu <ul> itself. The proper semantic HTML5 setup for a menu would be this:

    <nav> //here you can easily add your own class and then use the cascade to style
  • vincent3569 Member, Translator
    edited May 2019

    I use a <nav>...</nav> tag to wrap all the complex menu statements of my theme

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    @vincent3569 Good! It was just a follow up suggestion that we don't really need to add yet another parameter to the main menu function.

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