Album of Movies - how to better show the title of the movie?

I have an Album of Movies. In the Album they display as a matrix of 5 x 4 thumbnails. The only way of identifying "which movie is which" is to hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnail to see the Title. And of course on a mobile device this doesn't work. Regardless:

  • Is there a way to show the Title (or some part of the Title) right on the thumbnail? or,
  • Away to generate the Thumbnail from a frame in the movie? or,
  • Create my own, custom thumbnail for each movie and use it? or,
  • I tried changing the Options > Theme > Images per row to = 1 in the hopes of showing the Title next to each thumbnail, 1 movie/thumbnail/Title per row.

Any ideas?


  • PS: For the last bullet point above. Changing the value to 1 actually didn't affect the display of the thumbnails - they still show as 5 x 4.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2019

    The concept of images per row is sort of nonsense especially if you have a responsive theme as it depends on the size of the thumbs and on the CSS of the theme used. So you will possibly have to modify the theme CSS of your theme. Best use the multiple_layouts plugin if you need a specific layout for certain albums.

    The options for images per row/column are really dated legacy options that will be removed in the future anyway. Change the number per page instead.

    Away to generate the Thumbnail from a frame in the movie? or,

    Zenphoto cannot do this, it is not possible. You have to do that manually and upload the images as so called video thumbs (or sidecar images as the general term):

    You can display the title with the thumbs but none of the official themes does this. But certainly you can create your own layout doing that.

    For videos you can also use for example jPlayer's specific function for a playlist (also requires theme modifications)

  • Ok. Thanks for this. I'll try and work through it all.

  • Ok. I created my own Thumbnails from screen captures, and named the same name as the corresponding movie file, dropped them in the right album folder, and they are showing nicely now.

    However, at the Gallery level, it is using some random thumbnail for the album itself. I tried putting a thumbnail with the same name as the album at the "albums" folder level, but it didn't work. Where are the thumbnails for the albums stored/retrieved-from ?

  • No need to respond. I found where you set it....

    Album > Select the Album > Thumbnail:

    Thanks for your help.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    You're welcome!

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