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i am trying to get the related items displayed on my site.

In the zpbase template there is already support for it.
If I look at the news.php the code looks like this:
<?php if (function_exists('printRelatedItems')) { ?>

<?php printRelatedItems(5,'news',null,null,'news'); ?>
<?php } ?>

If I now go to my site:

there is a section named 'Ähnliche News' at the bottom of the page. But there are no related items displayed.

If I look at the source code:

Ähnliche news

    <ul id="relateditems">
                        <li class="news">
                                                        <h4><a href="/blog/gmedia-anonyme-ip/" title="GMedia Anonyme IP">GMedia Anonyme IP</a>


it looks to me, that one related article is found: gmedia-anonyme-ip

What I don't get at the moment:
Why is it not displayed in the frontend.



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