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I just returned to ZenPhoto having used it from when it first launched! Am re-creating the albums I lost way back thanks to finding remnants on my local drive and web host directories.
Created the album 1982 Britain but the directory viewing my FTP files says "1982-England". I'd like to change that if possible as I have another load of photos that relate only to England that year.
(hope this makes sense)


  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    Zenphoto doesn't change names on its own so I guess something got mixed-up
    What you see via FTP is the true directory name on the file system.
    Zenphoto allows you to set/change the title for those directories (Zenphoto calls them albums) on the backend.
    Note that the title is not the same as the name.(as you noticed)

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Note that if you create albums via the backend that a name cleaning plugin should be active by default in current versions which will cause "1982 Britain" to become "1982-england" (note the lowercase) actually.

    So if you need to re-create anything from a local backup, just uploade the albums as they are via ftp. Zenphoto will not change them afterwards unless you request tha via a special utility.

  • Thanks for explaining the naming convention. Wondered about the hyphens.

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