get redimensioned in cache Image URL


To use in lighbox js and for performance, I want to get the real url of the redimensionned image generated in cache with


URL of the image starts with /cache/....
like : /cache/2019/rome/antique/2019-01-18-172909-rome-it_1130_arnoult_tree.jpg?cached=1557399534

getFullImageURL() is OK but too heavy to display...

Is there a way to retrieve this URL?




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited May 2019

    If you mean the image on the image page itself - in ZP terms call it the "sized image" (resized and uncropped) you can use one of the image functions for this. There is most always a pair of "print" (prints the image) and "get" function (gets teh image => URL).

    These function always return the cache image URL if the image has already been cached. If the size is the same as the original image it may also return that.

    the function you might want to use is

    The url I see above seems to be the full original image size as well as there is no sizing information appendend to the file name.

  • Thank you @acrylian, it works fine!

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