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I try to translate "read more" for my news or other locations where I can see "read more" at the end of extract.
I try many things and try also poedit but I cannot translate this string. It seems that all other strings for the french text works well. I cannot isolate where I can translate this. I can see in the .mo file for fr_FR the good translation for "read more" as "lire la suite" but in my space I cannot see that. Also I try to use another translation for other languages and only the string"read more" does not translate at all. ç
Can you help me about that ?
The site is:
Thank you in advance.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited July 2019

    The "Read more" text for Zenpage articles is actually an option of the plugin and not a static string to translate via Poedit. You have to change that option to the language you use. That field also supports multilingual so if you are using that mode you can set a term for each language, too.

    However, we will look if we perhaps can use a static string if the option is set to the default value anyway so it is covered by default.

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