problème re-installation

suite à une migration chez ovh ,zenphoto ne fonctionne plus.j'ai voulu le reinstallé, mais j'ai toujours des messages d'erreurs le dernier étant :

  • Erreur !

Setup was not able to create this file. You will need to copy the zp-core/zenphoto_cfg.txt file to zp-data/CONFIGFILE then edit it as indicated in the file’s comments.

Test de Base de données.

pourtant le fichier zenphoto cfg.txt est bien present et je pense bien configuré. mais rien ne change toujours meme message


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    In English please. Thanks.

  • Following a migration to ovh, zenphoto does not work anymore. I wanted to reinstall it, but I still have error messages, the last being:

    Error !
    Setup was not able to create this file. You will need to copy the zp-core / zenphoto_cfg.txt file to zp-data / CONFIGFILE then edit it as indicated in the file's comments.

    Database Test.

    yet the file zenphoto cfg.txt is present and I think well configured. but nothing always changes even message

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    You need to copy that file to zp-data and rename it to zenphoto.cfg.php. This is the config file without it nothing will work.

    This issue means in general that somehow the file/folder permissions are off on your host so Zenphoto has no right to create or change them. You should contact your host about this as you likely will run into more trouble on the way.

    More info here:

    Also if you migrated an existing site, be sure you follow the steps in correct order as you otherwise might loose data:

  • the file zenphoto.cfg.php is present in zp data and was configured for the specific database. when rights are the same as what is requested ==> news / permissions-for-zenphoto-files-and-folders /

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    The rights on the page are the recommendation. Hosts are different so perhaps you have to try lower rights. Also while the permissions might be correct the owership might be the wrong user. Please check that.

    Are there other errors? If so please post them.

  • there was a problem of my base sql, ovh the repaired but I still have anomalies see recap installation /
    Attention !
    La version 5.0.7 ou plus récente de MySQLi est requise. Il est même fortement recommandé d’utiliser au moins la version 5.5.3. Utiliser une version antérieure est à vos risques.

    Connexion à MySQLi
    Mode SQL : la requête a échoué
    Attention !
    Mettez le paramètre mode SQL sur vide dans la configuration de la base de données.

    Droits d’accès à la base de données 4454056-4.mysql.db [unknown]
    Attention !
    L’utilisateur de base de données doit avoir les droits Accueil, Alter, Create, Drop, Insert, Select, Supprimer et Update .

    La requête SHOW GRANTS a échoué.

    La requête SHOW TABLES a échoué.
    Attention !
    La base de données n’a pas renvoyé de liste de tables pour 4454056-4.mysql.db.
    Le script d’installation va essayer de créer toutes les tables. Cela n’effacera pas celles qui existent déjà.

    Collation des champs de la base de données
    Fichiers de base de Zenphoto
    Droits des fichiers de base de Zenphoto
    Fichier .htaccess : (le paramètre RewriteEngine est à ON)
    Le paramètre RewriteBase du fichier .htaccess est /zenphoto/
    Le fichier robots.txt n’a pas été créé Attention ! cliquez pour plus d’informations

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    That warning seems to note that you are using an old MySQL version before 5.0.7. But probably the credentials are not correct as it notes "Login failed". So check those. Without that all othe other errors after it are follow ups.

    And next time please switch your install to the native English so the error messages are as well. Makes it easier for us. Thanks.

  • my sql version is in 5.6, and all the messages are references to the login and yet the config file .php contains the good information. Is there another file to modify,

    Error: Access denied for user '4454056-4' @ '%' to database '4454056-4.mysql.db'

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Okay, also check that you have PHP 5.6 or newer.

    Error: Access denied for user '4454056-4' @ '%' to database '4454056-4.mysql.db'

    According to this error the user name for db access is not correct or it is the wrong user for that database. Zenphoto really runs on fairly standard shared webhosting. Might be that you need to contact your host about this if all does not help.

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