Local Setup Failing to Create Database Tables

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I updated my PC from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro and in the process I've had to recreate my Apache server and database. I've recreated the database name with the appropriate user access permissions. When I run 1.5.4 setup, I get this:

Checking the database

About to create database tables...

Begin database table creation
(bunch of green checkmarks)
Begin table updates

Done with table create!

Checking table specifications

Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/IIWmnZW.png

No tables are actually created and no error messages are shown. However, I do have an error in my PHP Error log:

[04-Oct-2019 22:26:41 America/Chicago] PHP Fatal error:  MySQLi Error: ( SHOW KEYS FROM `[prefix]administrators`[prefix] ) failed. MySQLi returned the error Table '(database).administrators' doesn't exist in engine in (path)\zenphoto\zp-core\functions-db-MySQLi.php on line 95`

So, it seems to expecting the table to exist but is this before or after it thinks it has created the table?


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    I got it working. I had to grant the user global privileges instead of just the database itself. Which, it had complete control over that database so I don't know.

    As it turns out, it was an issue with HeidiSQL program not saving the database name correctly in the user table. It was saving them as "blah_blah" instead of "blah_blah".

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    Good you figured it out. Btw I don't know anything about that HeidiMySQL program is and never heard of it ;)

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