Remove sidebar on index page, zenji theme

I need a fully responsive image gallery, and I like the zenji theme. But I don't want a sidebar on the index page, I want the albums to go across the whole width. I have tried various things - deleting the sidebar section on index.php and changing the css to widen the contents and albums boxes, but nothing is working, the sidebar area stays there.
Is there any way to remove the sidebar?
I have not been able to find another theme that is responsive and doesn't have a sidebar.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    The sidebar is build into every theme page so it must be removed from all. For the plain "gallery" that are at least three pages. And of course CSS needs changes. But the sidebar has also certain functionality that might be missing if removed.

    Perhaps the most pragmatic would be be to adjust the CSS to have it at the bottom as it is on the smaller width screens. Sadly I am not that familar with the theme to give a hint.

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