Dynamic album sorting problem.


I'm back from a trek.
During holidays, Zenphoto got 2 updates (1.5.5 and 1.5.6) . I did read your "News" page

  • Really great !

I upgraded today from 1.5.4 to 1.5.6.

I still get a sorting problem with dynamic albums on frontend album pages:
Example : "15 abcd" thumb is displayed before "14 abcd" (15 abcd and 14 abcd are my titles, not picture names)

Backend :
My sub albums and images are sorted by titles.
I can check or not boxes (ascending - descending) - whatever my choice, pictures are always presented starting with Z to A (descending) to my visitors.
If I set another option, then ascending or descending check boxes do work as expected.

From what I remember, I also had this problem with previous versions, such as 1.5.2 ...

Could you please check if you get the same problem ?
Thanks in advance.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Yes, seems you are right. So far II can indeed reproduce that sorting images by title within dynamic albums does not do anything (the others do work).

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