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Can we use different "Thumbnails per row and per page" settings for some albums ?
I need only "3" for an album,
Much more for other albums, ...

Thanks in advance !


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    "thumbnail per row" is a legacy and outdated concept which is totally nonsense especially on responsive themes where there is no fixed row width anyway. It will be removed in the next major release therefore (we consider it deprecated internally already although it is not yet noted). Only the "thumbnail per page" option will remain, only some calculation for the transition pages when albums and images share the same page will be kept.

    As the option note says you may have to adjust the theme's CSS and the thumbails sizes to get this working. Just setting the option will not do much. It depends on the theme as some themes have fixed sizes (like the Zenpage theme) so it will not work at all.

    If you need different layouts for specific albums, you can create specific album pages in your theme and use the multiple layouts plugin to use them.

  • ctdlg Member

    I followed your advice, and I'm using your bxslider_thumb_nav plugin. Great plugin, discovered on december the 31th !

    Can I add thumb titles below each thumb, using
    ?php printImageTitle(); ?
    in the bxslider_thumb_nav plugin ?

    (probably somewhere in bxslider_thumb_nav.php)

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    printImageTitle() will not work as the the plugin's thumbs don't support it (outside of the current context). You would have to modify the plugin's printThumbNav() function around line 241 and use the object model directly. You actually see the title usage already with the alt attribute. Just looked quickly. In any case this also will require CSS changes.

    The plugin is actually meant for the single image page as an extra navigation, not as a replacement of the thumbs within an album.

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