keyboardnav-extended - can it work on full-size image?

tim11g Member
edited December 2019 in Plugins

I would like to be able to navigate through an album from the full size image view.
I installed keyboardnav-extended, and it does work from the single image view (that page already has prev and next links.) From that page, I can click the image and get the full size image rendered. From the full size image, I would like to have navigation to prev and next. As far as I can tell the only option from the full size image is the browser back function returning to the single image view. How can navigation from the full size image be accomplished?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    For full sizes images there is no actual previous and next navigation as they are literally just full sizes zooms depending on your setting just the images itself or a special display page.

    The only easy way without coding is to use for example the colorbox plugin. It will only cover the image on the page itself. Or you can try the slideshow2 plugin with the colorbox mode.

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