Help with custom menu

I am using the zpBootstrap theme because it is beautifully responsive.
I have succeeded in including the header and footer from my existing site. I have also included our existing css dropdown menu. The top level of the menu is displayed correctly, but the dropdowns do not work.

I prefer to use our existing menu with a php include, so that if I make changes to it on our larger site, I do not have to also re-code it for the gallery, so I'm hoping someone can tell me why it's not working. I don't think I have any classes that conflict with any in the theme.

I did play around a little with the menu manager plugin, and tho' I can add top-level buttons, I do not see how to make the dropdowns with it. And as I say, I prefer not to have to make a separate menu for the gallery.

You can see my code by viewing the source at, and you can see the css by clicking /zphotos/themes/zpBootstrap/css/hmva-gallery-menu.css" in the header.



  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    edited January 2020

    In hmva-gallery-menu.css change the selector on line 102 from
    .droplist a:hover .droplist-content to .droplist:hover .droplist-content

  • Thank you so much, fretzl, for finding my silly mistake. Problem solved.

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