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guirala Member, Translator

Hello people:
I have a problem with the cookie consent notice: regardless of the value assigned to the number of days for expiration (365 days, or -1 for non-expiration), each time I enter my site the consent notice appears (obviously from the same pc, and browser, and IP). How can I solve that?.
Thank you.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited January 2020

    expiration (365 days, or -1 for non-expiration),

    That refers to when the cookie expires so the notice appears again. But the cookie is only set if you click on it so otherwise it will reappear until you do (or if your browser has cookies disabled).

    If you are loggedin as administrator you should not see it.

  • guirala Member, Translator

    Hi acrylian, long time no contact. I comment that regardless of what you say about the expiration of the cookie and the notice, my problem is that even if I click on the cookie notice (accept), whenever I re-enter, it reappears. The rest I already knew (my browser has not cookies disabled). Bye.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    It must be something with your browser. Either it does not set it (you say it does) or you have configured that deletes cookies after you close the browser. Otherwise I have no idea. Review you browser console for some JS errors.

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem on my localhost machine, not on my online site.
    Localhost is updated with filezilla/ phpmyadmin, so it's an exact copy.

    Same browser, same settings, local problem, no online problem.

    I do not know why, I just disable cookie consent extension on my localhost after updating.

    To diagnose, I did a chmod 777 -R /opt/lampp/htdocs (my root web folder) - Same problem - it's not a permission problem.

    Probably a configuration of my localhost server (Apache, Php, other ?)

    I stopped investigating because it's useless for me, just interesting !

    My Localhost is configured with Xampp/php 7.2 version.
    I just modified a mariadb conf file to be able to import Zenphoto database.

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    @ctdlg, are you perhaps logged-in?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    If he was loggedin as an admin no one should see this at all. And if someone is logged in cookies are working.

    So it can only be something different. A JS error somewhere would cause it not to work as well. But that is something we can't see from here as it is all working for me both on our live site and our local site.

    Also check the Zenphoto options for cookies and their expiration value. If that is too short the request may re-appear to soon.

  • Cookie consent setting : 365.
    Each clic on a link /thumb generates the cookie consent message on my localhost server. Each page, article, and i get that message !
    No matter logged or not, user or administrator.
    No problem on my live site as written before, localhost server is only for testing purposes, it's ok for me.
    If I can help : in case of a js error what should I do to diagnose ?

  • I checked my php localhost setting

    if (isset($_GET['cookiecheck'])) {
    if (isset($_COOKIE['testcookie'])) {
    print "Cookies are enabled";
    } else {
    print "Cookies are not enabled";
    } else {
    setcookie('testcookie', "testvalue");)

    Answer is : Cookies are enabled

  • I checked my cookies with local host
    Zenphoto_search _params

    With my live site, I get another one
    (this one has nothing to do with the cookieconsent message)

    Could it be a localhost time setting problem ? I had to add a registry key in Windows (regedit) to get same time under Linux or Windows

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited January 2020

    Yes, cookies will be enabled if you can log in. Do you use the static html cache plugin? Try to clear it in case it cached something it shouldn't. Although again being loggedin you should not see the cookies overlay at all.

    Also check your brwoser settings. If you set that they are cleared after browser closing or have any extension for privacy that might be the reason, too.

    If I can help : in case of a js error what should I do to diagnose ?

    You have to review your browser log/console.

    Btw, have a link to the site in question so we can try if we see the same behaviour?

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