1.5.6: Local Install stops responding after clicking "Go" on Setup screen.

I've decided to finally look more into this. After I click on the Go button it the Setup screen (like after an update to the PHP version), it appears to do some work and then just never responds back. I have to restart the Apache service to the site to respond again. When I check the Setup and Security logs.. they look as if it performed the setup correctly.

Digging into the Apache access logs I noticed this: - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:18 -0600] "GET /zp-core/setup.php?autorun=gallery&xsrfToken=38e11f75f3fbccf8dac16fcf8ac8201f3fc60323 HTTP/2.0" 302 - - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:19 -0600] "GET /zp-core/setup/index.php HTTP/2.0" 200 14847 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:19 -0600] "GET /zp-core/setup/setup.css HTTP/2.0" 200 5266 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:19 -0600] "GET /zp-core/images/warn.png HTTP/2.0" 200 691 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:19 -0600] "GET /zp-core/admin.css HTTP/2.0" 200 46153 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:19 -0600] "GET /zp-core/images/zen-logo.png HTTP/2.0" 200 1748 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:19 -0600] "GET /zp-core/locale/en_US/flag.png HTTP/2.0" 200 3233 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:20 -0600] "GET /zp-core/images/admin-buttonback.jpg HTTP/2.0" 200 778 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:20 -0600] "GET /zp-core/images/comments-on.png HTTP/2.0" 200 664 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:20 -0600] "GET /zp-core/images/burst.png HTTP/2.0" 200 613 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:20 -0600] "GET /zp-core/images/pass.png HTTP/2.0" 200 268 - - [14/Feb/2020:05:42:35 -0600] "GET /page/setup_set-mod_rewrite?z=setup&returnmode HTTP/2.0" 301 282

So, it seems to be triggering a 301 redirect but it never goes there. Mod Rewrite is enabled in Apache since all the .htaccess stuff works. Now, everything works fine on my webhost. This is just a local issue. Any idea where to start looking? I'll keep looking at things on my end.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I have not encountered this anyway. What I did encounter that sometimes the modrewrite check does fail althought modrewrite is active. There is sadly no real check via PHP or else for this so we use a fake ajax request to a modrewrite url to check.

  • Sorry to add to this old comment but this still happens with version 1.5.7 and latest version of Apache 2.4.52. Stops at the same line in the logs but the actual setup seems to work fine, I have to stop the Apache Service and restart it to get back into the gallery where everything seems to have gone fine.

    Once again, this is only a local issue.

    I suppose I could start the whole process over with a new database and everything to see if it fails with a fresh install as well. Make some kind of test gallery. Anyway, if you have any ideas that would be cool.

    Mark H.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited January 2022

    I still have not encountered this on any host I use… The last call above request the setup/setup_set-mod_rewrite.php page using a rewritten URL /page/setup_set-mod_rewrite/ to check if rewriting works. Sadly there is no other way to check if this works.
    Not sure where the 301 redirection comes from above.

    The check call is done via a setup class method on line 748 defaultOptionsRequest() via cURL.

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