504 Gateway Timeout

I am setting up a test server using Nginx (1.16.1), PHP (7.4.2), MariaDB 10.x and the ZP 1.5.7b support version.

All seems well during the initial setup with all the setup checklist options returning 'green dots' (except the missing PHP Tidy installation which I am OK with for the time being). When I click the 'Go' option the database tables are being created but the 'green spot' matrix showing the database table creation process of previous versions is not displayed. After a short period of time the setup web page is cleared and the error '504 Gateway Timeout' is displayed. If I try to rerun the ZP index page the same error is displayed. The setup.log file shows no obvious errors but the debug.log file has numerous errors. I have the log files but can't see away to attach these to this posting.

Can this be fixed ?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I have never encounter this myself but just in case we don't test Nginx or MariaDB specificially actually. SInce nginx does not support htaccess it might be that we have some hidden depedency on that somewhere. It all should work without but have setup nginx with the necessary rules (like https://www.zenphoto.org/news/nginx-rewrite-rules-tutorial/ - can't say if that all is still correct).

    Under PHP 7.4 there are for sure some deprecation warnings (but no errors we are aware of) that will be fixed soon.

    We don't allow posting anything to the forum for various reasons. But if you like mail me the logs (anonymized) via mail (see legal in the site footer).

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