printDownloadURL Displays but No Data?

After reading through multiple posts and reading through all the documentation, I've come to an impasse.

Here's a link to an example on my site :

The current line I am using in my theme's php is as follow
<?php printDownloadURL(getFullImageURL(), 'Download')?>

But all that is displayed on the page is Download (0 Bytes) - 0 downloads
Upon clicking the link, a window appears displaying File "(filename)" was not found.

The image protection under Options>Image is set to unprotected. Any help would be appreciated.

PS, wonderful plugin, just not the smartest to understand it.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited March 2020

    getFullImageURL() does not work because it returns a relative url. But the you need to use a serverpath url you have to build yourself:

    On image.php try this instead:

    EDIT: The plugin in the support build (1.5.7b) has now an extra function to make this easier called printFullImageDownloadURL('Download') for use in a theme's image.php.

  • Thank you acrylian! Worked like a charm.

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