Global album or split album...?

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I consider using zenphoto to publish my images to family and friends. Currently I have all my image files in a two levels folder hierarchy like this:
/2018/01 Jan/photos
/2018/02 Feb/photos
/2018/03 Mar/photos
.... etc
Can I arrange the zenphoto welcome screen with links resembling my folder's year/month structure so we can click on a year and a month under that year to view an album only containing photos in that folder? Or does xenphoto have some automatic 'sort photos by datetimestamp' feature?

I in addition I also want that users can search for tags like 'John's wedding' or UK holiday' and display all imaged holding the wanted tag(s)... Thanks a lot for comments on this.

Does it display Nikon's .NEF filetype or do I have to convert all files to .JPG / .PNG ?

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  • Zenphoto is filesystem based, so your folders become albums. Most themes will show you the top level albums (folders) on the index page. So if I understand, your top level album would be the year and the albums each year contains would be the dates. Your users would have to first click on a year, then on the dates within that year.

    Zenphoto does support tag searches. You would need to tag your images either via the image metadata or manually via the administrative pages.

    Zenphoto uses whatever graphics support library your site has. I know that the PHP GD library (the most common support library) does not support Camera specific raw image formats. I do not know if Imagic does, but if I were to guess it would be no, it does not.

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