Can anyone help me update very old theme to work currently?

Hi, I have a few old setups and over time I guess they old themes do not work anymore and now my sites do not work properly. I had a theme called top300, i can attached or get you a copy, and it just shows a white page when activated.
Is there anyone who can update the required new data to the old theme?

Thanks in advance.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Please explain your exact problem first. We are here to help you to help yourself.

    1. Did you just upgrade a otherwise current install (e.g. 1.5.x to 1.5.6) and it is now not working? Then the debuglog should help you find the issue.
    2. Did you upgrade very old Zenphoto installs after not doing it frequently for some years and now the theme does not work? Yes, that is very likely. There is a reason why you should frequently do updates as issues because of lots of changes culminate now. The debuglog also should help but depending on teh theme you might have some work to do. Best you consult the theming tutorial.
    3. Didn't you upgrade anything for years at all and now everything does not work anymore? Then you need to updated as old Zenphoto versions are not compatible with modern servers anymore (PHP specifially). Then likely 2. will happen after an update.
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