Should zpBootstrap 2.3.1 work with Zenphoto 1.5.7

I have installed Zenphoto 1.5.7 on my netfirms account
I have created an admin user and uploaded a couple albums
I have copied zpBootstrap 2.3.1 into the themes directory and it shows up in the admin interface under themes as expected.

However I can not activate it. I can activate the other supplied themes but when I try to activate my self-installed zpBootstrap theme (for Gallery) it reverts to basic - I don't know where to look for error messages, etc

I appreciate any help/comments of what to look for



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Yes, it should. The problem is the folder name generated from GitHub somehow. If you rename thezpBootstrap-2.3.1 to simply zpBootstrap it works. Will investigate why it doesn't work, I suspect some folder name check mistakes the dots of the version for a suffix and rejects it accidentally.

  • Thank-you for the quick (and accurate) reply. Removing the - and what follows fixes it exactly as you said.

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