ZenPhoto in a Subdirectory with Wordpress

Hi everyone
I've tried to install zenphoto in a folder (/gallery) in my web server, where in the root folder there's installed WordPress.
As you can see, when i try to open the unique gallery in my zenphoto (rainierihomecollection.it/gallerie), the website redirect me to the main wordpress website (if you try opening the link you can better understand)

I home someone can help me!

Mattia Rainieri


  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    I don't see that. I get a restricted page where I have to fill in a user name and password.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I also get that restricted page so I cannot tell where this actually leads to.

    I have not tried this combination for a long time. Although something like rainierihomecollection.it/gallerie is normally the URL of a page or post URL WP should differ between actual folders and such page/post URLs. That works with the default htaccess file that comes with WordPress.

    If that for some reason does not work on your install, check your WP htaccess for changes made for example plugins. If all fails use Zenphoto on its own subdomain like galerie.rainierihomecollection.it

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