How to let users download images in bigger size?

Im trying to locate an option that allow users to download photos in full size.

I only watch on options > theme: image size, but its set to 800 and i can't modify it

I'm using zpBootstrap theme.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited August 2020

    You are looking for the "full image". There is an option regarding that on Options > Image. I don't know the bootstrap theme that well. According to the demo it opens the image in a "lightbox" which will make this impossible as it bypasses the image page. If there is no option to use the image page instead that will not be possible, unless you just copy the image show (which should be the "full image") from browser cache.

  • Found it. Just opening the image from the album page in a new page (clicking on image not on the name) it opens full size. Thanks anyway.

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