change the names of the directories in which the images are

How can I change the names of the directories in which the images are. If I tried to change the name of a test directory in the database, the description of the image which are in this directory disappeared and the name of the directory will be reset to the original one.
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  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    Zenphoto is file system based. It "discovers" albums and images which are uploaded to the server.
    If you change an album (folder) name on the server, it is "discovered" as a new album (with images) and stored in the database. Any descriptions, title, etc. you added on the backend will be lost.
    If you change an album (folder) name in the database, Zenphoto doesn't know of any corresponding album (folder) name in the file-system. So when you refresh the albums page Zenphoto "re-discovers" all albums (folders) on the file-system and if it does not find a folder with this changed database name it will simply remove that info from the database.

    If you want to change the album name and keep all image metadata simply change the title of the album on the album page ór make sure all metadata is already embedded in the images.
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  • habe Member

    Hello fretzl,
    due to your answer I could solve my problem, thanks!

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