zpBootstrap - capability to crop album thumbnails?

zpBootstrap offers the capability to crop thumbnails of images which comes in handy as I often shoot 16x9 and the thumbs are square. I would suggest this capability be added to album thumbnails also, if any new iteration is produced.

I'm not sure. Maybe this is a limitation of ZP rather than the theme?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    If and how thumbnails are cropped is actually a theme decision. Default (standard) thumbs (like basic theme uses them for exampe) follow the csetting on the image options. Themes can choose to not use these for layout requirements (like the Zenpage theme for example) and use some of the various image template functions directly instead.

  • hi
    indeed, album thumbs are cropped with 1/2 ratio and pictures thumbs are square.
    this for 2 reasons:

    • to visualy separate album thumbs and picture thumbs
    • to follow boostrap main rules to have responsive behavior with pictures.
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