zenphoto login - cookie authorization problem

The admin of one of our zenphoto websites cannot login.
I (the general web manager) can login with my details and with his.
The security log each time gives the following sequence or similar:

2020-10-05 09:03:54 IP address Admin login (login name) (name)
Success zp_admin

2020-10-05 09:03:54 IP address Authorization cookie check
Failed :Joee2-DM85R6seJjzkVNmeMl2Ux-qE8/SSFVzXi6HlE
(each time a different code)

2020-10-05 09:05:15 Ip address Admin access
Failed /foldername/zp-core/admin-options.php?page=options&tab=general

Can you tell me exactly what is involved in the authorization cookie check, please?

The person having the problem is using Chrome browser on Mac and Iphone - also tried Safari browser - all with the same result. He tells me he has removed all cookies to do with the web site.

Any help would be very welcome,

Thank you,



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited October 2020

    You should really not tie cookies to IP addresses. First because this is a privacy problem in may jurisdictions and seconds see the comment on the option for this itself

    Note: If your browser does not present a consistant IP address during a session you may not be able to log into your site when this option is enabled. You WILL have to login after changing this option. If you set the option and cannot login, you will have to restore your database to a point when the option was not set, so you might want to backup your database first.

    And third because Zenphoto may anonymize the IP address (as set on the option of the same name). The 1.5.8b has now an additional text about this.

    So fix is to disable it. It is not really a recommended option and should IMHO not be used. Probably we will even remove this at some time…

  • Thank you very much indeed - that solved the problem.


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