Send emails when creating or updating albums

Good morning, I would like that when an album is created or updated, an email will be sent to the users. I have seen that there are several plugins in extensions and I have configured the PHPMailer plugin with the data from my mail server, which also after configuring it and applying it, the selection box is deactivated. But there are 2 other plugins user_mailing_list and zenphoto_sendmail, which I don't know if I have to enable them at the same time as PHPMailer.
Please can you help me.
Thank you very much


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Actually the plugin descriptions should tell what they are. Sendmail and phpmailer are alternative mail handlers. sendmail is a rather plain php mailer that uses your server's default. phpmailer is a more sophisticated third party library that also allows mailing via an external mail service optionally. So you only enable one of them at the time.

    User mailing list is a plugin to send bulk mails to existing users that have a mail address set (which is currently not a requirement). Don't use this as an actual newsletter system as you mist certainly would get blacklisted by mail handlers.

    As to your actual request "Send emails when creating or updating albums".Such a functionalityt does not exist, sorry. I recommend to use the RSS feeds instead.

  • Thanks Acrylian, for your answers
    So I understand that to send emails to my subscribers when I create or update an album I must use the zenphoto RSS feed, collect it, for example, with the mailchimp service and from there send the emails to my subscribers, is that correct?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    That probably would work if you like to mail that and is a much better solution if you have a significant number of subscribers (or expect it to become that).

  • Hi,

    I currently work on this topic as well and I recommend to use RSS feed too. It is much simpler.

    You can experiment mailchimp or sendinblue

    It should work for latest ZP discovered elements as it is based on incremental dates (it won't send anything published before initial date).

    If you want to send a random "photo of the day" from specific RSS feed which publication date is potentially before latest publication, mailchimp or sendinblue won't send anything. That's where I am stuck for now...

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