Not easy to customize.

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Man, it is not easy to get ZenPhoto customized. It's a pity, as it looks pretty good! :smile:

For example, in Liberatus, I wish to add a menu. I see in a previous forum entry that you advise to download "Menu_Manager". So, I search for that and find the extension. The extension has an "info and download" link. I follow that and eventually find a page for Menu Manager. But there is no download option - only the ability to view the php file. So, are we supposed to copy this php code, make our own file, upload it somewhere, etc? Things need to be MUCH clearer guys.

Secondly, in Liberatus, why is there no option to remove the slideshow completely? How does one go about making modifications like this? Are we supposed to go into the code somewhere? If so, again, why is info like this not crystal clear?

Another thing, why is it not clear and easy to make a simple page of text? I am guessing (because it is not clear) that I need to use a plugin called "Zenpage"? If so, why is this not included by default? Also, when I search the site for Zenpage, it does not give the extension as a result.

You go to the time and trouble to make a good gallery system here, but it is let down by the lack of clarity on how to customize everything, and the failure to include such simple things as "make a menu" or "make a text page", etc.

Pretty close to giving up and finding a better system. How many other people are put off by sitting there thinking "why is there no clear information on how do do things, and why are basic features missing by default"?


  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    menu_manager and zenpage are both included plugins. All you have to do is activate them on Admin => Plugins. If you don't want the slideshow in Libratus you have to modify the theme. See the theming tutorial.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Also the theme itself is technically third party and already a few years old and not maintained by its original developer who is also not active anymore. Although we forked it we don't actively maintain it as well. We welcome contributions to documentation on its repository via pull requests and might fix serious bugs if we have the time.

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