How to refresh system configuration exceptions

Hi Folks,

I have ZenPhoto installed and I am taking my first steps toward configuration.

As you can see, there are some complaints. I have fixed several, but I can't to get ZenPhoto to acknowledge this.

Starting with the first, I am sure that I have copied zp-core/zenphoto_cfg.txt to zp-data/zenphoto.cfg.php and I have "chmod -R 0600 zp-data", but ZenPhoto is still not happy with me.

Continuing with the simplest, I have installed tidy on my server, yet ZenPhoto is unaware. I'm sure that I have succeeded with this, since "man tidy" gives my instructions and tells me that it is version 5.4

I have done all the usual stuff -- refresh the page, new tab, new browser process, flush cache, ... nothing gets any attention. What am I doing wrong?

As a bonus, if anybody knows why I can't browse to ZenPhoto while logged on to my server, that would be helpful, but I have no problem from anywhere else, and I'm pretty sure that I've seen this before. It is not preventing me from doing what I want.

Thanks for the help,




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    THe warnings are about native PHP extensions on your server. Unless you setup your own server you might need to ask your host about this. Otherwise you cannot install this. These are warnings and not critical.

    If you indeed setup your own server you might need to restart it afterwards. I cannot help with actual server configuration though.

    The last one is about permissions. Please see the article on our user guide.

    As a bonus, if anybody knows why I can't browse to ZenPhoto while logged on to my server,

    I am not sure what exactly this means. Btw, please do not mix topics. as it gets quite inconvenient if discussion proceeds.

  • Hi Acrylian,

    Well, it turns out that I misunderstood the instructions, and I chmod -R 0600 zp-data, which, of course, changed the permissions on the directory, "zp-data", as well. Once I fixed that, I was able to get past the first problem.

    I am configuring my own server, and I have installed "tidy", which I can confirm in a few ways, but the easiest is "man tidy". Regardless, the setup procedure does not recognize the existence of "tidy". I see "if class_exists('tidy', ...", so I assume that there is a definition script somewhere and mine is missing. Can you advise?

    Thanks for the help,


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Tidy refers to this native PHP extensions which Zenphoto checks for:

    More I cannot help as I don't configure servers myself and let hosts do this.

  • cjm51213 Member
    edited December 2020

    Hi Acrylian,

    All of the php extensions are enabled with an /etc/php.d/.ini and usually require /usr/lib64/php/modules/.so; it's just hard to find them sometimes, but persistence pays off. I have finally reached "Go", and I have created a user. Things are looking quite fine.

    Thanks for the help.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer


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