Family photo website

I am looking for something that would allow me to set up family pictures' and scans of old family pictures.

  • should allow for download of full size/resolution of photo (in case they wany to print)
  • should allow them to comment.... for example, I have scans of old family pictures that I want family members to identify. Comments should be visible with pictures
    Also have digtized home movies. would like same feature as above

It looks like this has that.... can someone confirm? would be wonderful if I could see a sample of this


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Yes, that's all generally possible with Zenphoto.

  • Thanks.. will try ot out

  • I can post this as a question... but maybe you know.

    I installed and have a photo gallery running now. I figured out how to install slideshow2, and enabled that.

    All looks very nice.

    However, while I can find a number of items in the forum and on google talking about enabling and disabling comments, none of them walk though the process.

    I am using the zenpage theme... I have looked everywhere and their is nothing that mentions comments form any of the menus.

  • Roland Member, Translator
    edited February 2021

    Easy, go to /zp-core/admin-plugins.php (plugins tabs), check the "comment_form" plugin (it's on the first page) and voila :)

    To manager options go to /zp-core/admin-options.php?page=options&tab=plugin&single=comment_form (or option > plugins > comment_form)

  • OK.... not being an expert in dealing with php it tool a while to understand that:
    1. enable comment_form in
    2. go to admin page, options, plug-ins, and clock on comment_form to edit settings.

    thanks. working now

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