no images are shown on new install

Hello Zen Photo-Community,

now i must move Zen Photo again to a new server (too mutch free-time :-( )

the new enviroment is this:

  • Server currently contacts with ip and host detour Name to IP
  • on Server runs Ngix (Ngix rules are fine)
    New installation works fine. After upload some images happens this:

it shows the name of the album-name (no photo) . after clicking on it shows all image-names(no image) inside folder and clicking on a images it will not shown.
I installed it 2 times (maybe upload of core was brocken) but always the same?

My question: Is there maybe a setting issue inside Zen or it seems more a serverside problem?
At server-side problem i must contact Host but i want to reduce software-isues before contact them
i hope you can help me

best greets and thx


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