Admin database tool looses dynamic album descriptions


I do not really use the database tool "Refresh Metadata"
Because I loose all my dynamic album descriptions.
And something strange that is not a problem : database file size after refreshment is larger than database file size before refreshment.

At least on my local computer using xampp under Linux.
I do not want to test on my online website.

If you have no such problem, this would mean it's probably an xampp config problem.
I run it almost "out of the box" except the htdocs folder location.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    That is really weird because album descriptions are not covered by metadata refresh. That's for images only. We will try to reproduce that. We user MAMP more or less out of the box locally.

    Sine I personally rarely use metadata as I don't really take photos that specifially I never looked at the db size for this. Perhaps it then loads more metadata than before? Perhaps you have meanwhile enabled some fields to import you hadn't before? Just some ideas.

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