CacheManager says it is done but is not

CacheManager... I run it and it after a few minutes say it is done. However, spinner in browser tab is still spinning, and
if you look at the cache folder it is still processing.

Should this be saying it is done? I think if I move from that page, then remaining caching stops.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    It depends which mode you selected. One is printing the images diirectly on the page (legacy) and the other one (cURL) sends requests to do this basically in the background. The first is not always reliable but works better on some servers.

    This is a very heavy task that is started in - simplify - chunks in the background and depending on the number and size of your albums and images and the number of sizes to generate. The more the more it might take a while more. On large sites this can take a few hours.

  • OK... so I need to just wait :)

    It just compelted...

    It says at top:

    11 cache sizes to apply for 2363 images (25993 cache size images in total*)

    When I look at the actual file count in the cache directory it says 18920 files.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Well, it is 11 sizes per image so you have to multiply naturally. That those are less than that might be that there are sizes requsted that exceed the original size so are skipped when tried.

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