Pre cache image file name does not match with automatic generation of ZP

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I use in my theme this function
printCustomSizedImage(gettext('Gallery'), NULL, 1140, 400, 1140, 400, NULL, NULL, 'img-fluid');
it generates the proper image with correct file name, perfect.

I wish to precache this size in my theme:
cacheManager::addCacheSize($me, null, 1140, 400, 1140, 400, null, null, false, false);
It generates a deformed image (width is reduced) with a file suffix w267_h400_cw1140_ch400

Can you give me the rule on how to get the proper CacheSize file?


  • Finally I found it by myself ;-)

    printCustomSizedImage(gettext('Gallery'), 1140, null, null, 1140, 400, null, null, 'img-fluid');


    cacheManager::addCacheSize($me, 1140, null, null, 1140, 400, null, null, false, false);

    generates the exact same image with same filename and use the cache version.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    The image parameters can be a bit tricky at times. Acthually both setting should generally create the same sized file, thus with a different name. But the 2nd seems generally the better way.

  • Thanks @acrylian for confirming. I had to test with different parameters, it is part of the dev process ;-)

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