Is it possible to copy ALL settings from one install to another install?

I just had a catastrophic loss of my C Drive which housed my local version of my gallery for testing. Is it possible to copy ALL my setting from my live install to my local version. I know I can use the database backup, but I want to all the settings. Where & what file contains these setting?

Thanks in advance



  • WarrenShort Member
    edited March 2021

    Same problem was, any one know?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited March 2021

    The only way is via the database. You can try to just import the options table. But this has not been tested.
    Depending on what plugins you use you might also need thet plugin_storage table.

    Even on a local test install you should have a backup (sorry, does not help you but just needs to be mentioned).

  • tplowe56 Member
    edited March 2021

    Thanks guys. Worked fine, after some trial and error.

    A word of caution. SSD drives are very risky, when they fail they just disappear, with much less opportunity to recover, as with a disk drive. This one was only 3 years old, and just went POOOF! overnight, and totally gone next morning.

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