Multiverse - Undefined in album page

Ralf Member

I have a strange problem when using the Multiverse theme (version 2.1). The thumbnails in the album page are not displayed.
which results in a 404 error.

You can reproduce this on my side:
Just open an album and you will see what I mean.

This happens to every album and only with the multiverse theme.

Any ideas how this can be fixed?



  • All the albums I tried are displaying correctly. The theme is strange in how it displays the images--with a background image and a "hidden" copy of it. I wonder if your problem has to do with caching. Perhaps the image processor link of an un-cached image causes issues?

  • Ralf Member

    the 'lazyload' plugin has caused the problem. De-Activating it make the albums display correctly.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I do understand why the theme uses images as a background for layout reasons but not really why there is a normal hidden image. Altthough the lazyload plugin has a script included for covering background images it will not work without the theme being setup for it.

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