zpbase questions - I know it is unsupported :)

I have set up a number of videos in an album and am finding the and selections prevent access to the video controls....

Is there a way to control where that selection area is... it looks like the left 50% if the image of the video is "previous" and the right 50% us "next"

Any help is appreciated


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Well, it is "officially half-supported", besides the forum is for all kind of questions ;-)

    I fear I don't understand what you mean actally. Are you using thte plain class-video base functionality (that is using browser defaults) or jPlayer? jPlayer uses CSS to style its player and on some themes that does not play well (basically the theme overpowers thtte player CSS).

    Otherwise do you have a link?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Apparenty the theme author placed the left/right nav completely over the image and did not think of videos where you actualy have to click on to start. I fear there is no way without reworking the theme's css in that area.

    Simple quick workaround would be to change the CSS for it. Find #single-img-nav in the theme's css and change position: absolute to position: relative. Then the arrow will be on the top left/right edges of every image but will not overlay everything. But that might make clicking left/right a bit harder as you accidentally may start a video.

  • jwaltrip4 Member
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    thanks kindly for the comeback.... I am pretty good at scripting (PowerShell), and have worked with HTML (setting up reports).

    Working with PHP is a whole nother ball of wax :). I will dig in the code and look to make the change. Is it OK if I bug you if I get stuck?

    What you are suggesting looks like what I want.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    This does not involve any PHP, just CSS ;-) Sure, we even looked at the theme itself but could not find any fix. You could enable the jPlayer video player which for some reason does work. But it is not really responsve.

  • I noticed this is the style.css:

    single-img-nav.video-nav a{width:25%;}

    in Image.php I have



    div id="single-img-nav"<?php if (isImageVideo()) echo ' class="video-nav"'; ?>>"

    Is it maybe not detecting it is a video?

  • OK... I updated the single-img-nav and the "single-img-nav a" to relative

    • Is there a way to make it use the outside of the image instead of in the image?

    Or is there a way to have it use say the top 50% of the image for this?

  • Welp... I did figure out how to get the left and right (angle brackets) outside of the picture/image

    so here are my questions:
    1. where can I find the definitions for this:
    what the the top/bottom, etc mean

    1. Is there a way to make it use a portion of the image , say top 50% to do Next and Previous
  • never mind. LOL.. looked up the position stuff. tested. all giood now

    thanks for the point!!

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