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Krissnikkers Member
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Hi ya

I need a theme that puts up the title/description on files and finally found it with Bootstrap. One problem when I click on the video file it comes with a box and error written in it.

Can I play self-hosted videos with BootStrap?


Thanks in advance

Kriss :)


  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    Try setting the option Full image protection to Unprotected.
    Admin > Options > Image > Full image protection

    Can I play self-hosted videos with BootStrap?


  • Yes!!!

    Thank you :)

    Very new to Zenphoto so finding all its little bits and pieces.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Video is a general feature via a plugin and not tied to specific theme actually. If you have longer/larger movies we recommend to use services like Youtube as they can provides videos matching the bandwidth and speed of the visitor.

  • These are all about 5 mins long...they are fine on my WP and I am using a video player on there... :)

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