Hi Folks,

I have just moved a whole pile of stuff from Piwigo to ZenPhoto, and I am, so far, pleased.

It appears that some of my video formats don't play. Can I find out more about that? For example, what video formats are supported, which are not, what can I do to convert "unsupported" formats to "supported" formats, ...

Thanks for the help,




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited June 2021

    With the class-video plugin (or jPlayer) Zenphoto support standard mp4 videos (,mp4/.m4v suffixes) which almost all browsers can play natively these days (nativ HTML5 video/audio). The standard should be H.263 codec with an AAC audio track normally.

    jPlayer tecnically supported Flash video as well but since Flash is history now it will not work in any browser anymore.

    For converting there are loads of tools out there.

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