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Hi Folks,

I have just installed 1.5.8 and there are some details that I want to clean.

The first page of "Run Setup" has two problems:


Image URIs appear to require the UTF-8 character set.
You should enable the URL option UTF8 image URIs. Please do

Clicking "Please Do" has no effect, but the message is green, which I think means that I don't have a problem, so if that is true, then I'd like to know how to turn off the notice.


Zenphoto core files [Some files are missing or seem wrong]


Perhaps there was a problem with the upload.
This may not be critical at all as perhaps just the file times may be off compared to other files.
You should check the following files:


I've seen discussions about this indicating that it is probably a development artifact. Please advise.

Thanks for the help,



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    1) That is more a recommendation and refers to a backend option you can set at any time. have to look if the option is set via ajax or something, don't know offhand. That's why it is green.

    2) Not a development artefact actually directly. That is a file that the elFinder plugin creates once used. Invisible files are generally excluded from the package list so this always triggers the package file check. It does not do anything.

    Btw, please just re-use your existing topic instead of opening several similar named ones…

  • Hi Acrylian,

    I opened a second topic, after I realize that there was a lot more to discuss than I should put in one topic, given that I wasn't sure what was happening. The titles should not have been the same; that was an error on my part, which I regret. The title for this post is wrong ...

    These problems still persist, but I have not yet done enough analysis to be able to ask meaningful questions. I will return with better diagnosis and ask for treatment recommendations later.

    Thanks for the help,


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