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Hi Folks,

Today, I seek to eradicate the problems I see on the first page of "Run Setup", since I have completely eradicated all the problems on the second page. You will recall that they ultimately were file permission issues caused by SELinux and were identified in /var/log/messages. Today, I am dealing with less clear problems.

From the "Overview" administration page, I can "Run Setup" and the first page shows me the following:

  1. SSL connection [is not enabled]. Not a problem. I have not yet installed the certs.
  2. File Permissions [are strict (0644)]. Not a problem. Notice is green.
  3. The Zenphoto filesystem character define is UTF‑8 [no test performed]. I would like to eliminate this by satisfying the requirement. It is not clear what I need to do. I have created the file to perform the test, and subsequently deleted it, but I still get the message.
  4. Image URIs appear to require the UTF-8 character set. I have no idea how to "enable the URL option UTF8 image URIs" the "Please do" link appears to do nothing, or at least whatever it does do does not clear the warning message.
  5. Zenphoto core files [Some files are missing or seem wrong]. I am warned that I "... should check the following files: zp-core/zp-extensions/elFinder/php/.tmp" but I am not able to find any such files.

Can you advise me on any of these three problems (3, 4, and 5)?

Thanks for the help,



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited June 2021

    3) Place a file of the name within the folder as the note tells and re-run setup

    4) This is not really important. It is a recommendation. You can change that later on the backend optiosn.

    5) This is also not a real problem. As mentioned before these file warning as often not really an issue. The file - also as mentioned - is a file the elFinder plugin creates when used. This specifially you can just ignore.

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