Hi Folks,

http://.../srvr-info (Apache mod_info handler) tells me that mod_rewrite is included, but plugin "site_upgrade" tells me that mod_rewrite is not enabled, so I must have fumbled the configuration somewhere. Please advise.

Thanks for the help,


P.S. I understand why you have a post-frequency metric on this site, but shouldn't accounts of known cooperating participants be white-listed?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    The modrewrite check is also done via cURL or ajax by trying to access a rewritte cURL. if that does not work the check is considered failed.

    This is also not much of an issue. If the htacess file is in place and modrewrite is actually working you can enable it on the backend later. And Zenphoto of course also works without modrewrite (with a few exception of some specific things).

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