bxslider & smartphone problem

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I found a problem using bxslider_thumb_nav extension on a mobile device
links do not work.
Workaround at bottom of this page does not work for me.
I did try to replace slider.viewport.on by slider.viewport.bind and got same problem, so, I reverted to your code ! (line 1085 of jquery.bxslider.js)

I tried to set (line 35) touchEnabled: true,
Same problem


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Sorry, you are out of luck. bxslider itself has not been maintained for several years and the plugin is internally already on our deprecation list.

    I reverted to your code ! (line 1085 of jquery.bxslider.js)

    Not our code, we didn't write it and use it as it is. TO see an effect you have to minify the script as the min.js file is the one used.

    Try the paged_thumbs with works without any JS but depending on theme naturally may require CSS work.

  • ctdlg Member

    Thank you for your help and explanations.

    I keep bxslider in my main theme.

    I have replaced bxslider by the album image display feature with my mobile theme.
    Simply using

    display: Table-cell
    overflow: scroll

    gives me a slider like display on my index page !

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Yes, that's a good workaround as well. Drawback is that all the thumbs have to be loaded right away which may slow down if you have hundreds of images in your albums. display: inline-block should also work.

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