Broken dynamic album navigation?

mkanoute Member
edited July 2021 in General support


Version 1.59: I was investigating a problem where the navigation within dynamic albums no longer works (Image::getNextImage()/Image::getPrexImage() does no return the next/previous photo in the dynamic album and even returns the same photo). I came across commit 5021ec8b071239c73ce7c50faba4f1ec18034016 where it seems that there is a left ofver of debugging code at line 1629 of zp-core/class-image.php; the variable $use_realalbum is forced to true, which defeats the purpose of passing it as an argument 2 lines above:

- function getIndex() {
+ function getIndex($use_realalbum = false) {
global $_zp_current_search, $_zp_current_album;
+ $use_realalbum = true;
if ($this->index == NULL) {

Removing this line of code fixes the issue.

Could someone confirm the issue and the fix?



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