mod_pagespeed problem

Hello. Thank you for zenphoto.

i'm using latest version of zenphoto. I am using ubuntu 20.04. (apache 2.4x, php7.4x)

I did a clean install. Apache mod_pagespeed plugin is active on my vps server. No problem with my other websites. But I am getting the following error in my zenphoto gallery.
Thank you in advance for your help. Regards.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I fear I cannot help, I have no knowledge about waht mod_pagespeed does (I admit I didn't even know about that until now). There are two things in the URL reported I don't understand:

    • If the domain is yours, the mod_pagespeed part must be the fiolder Zenphoto is installed in. Otherwise iwill not work. (domain/mod_pagespeed/someimage.jpg.html would be a image page URL if the rewrite suffix is set as ".htm").
    • The URL query at the end clearly does not belong to Zenphoto.

    I can only assume that mod_pagespeed is causing the issue here for some reason. Sadly I don't have that extension available on my servers so I cannot test it at all

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