IP Blocker not working

flo Member


The plugin "IP Blocker" is enabled, with 6 IPs originating in Russia blocked.

The security log shows 2 attempted admin logins using random user names every 6-7 minutes (hundreds of times in total over the last few days), with all attempts originating from 2 of the 6 blocked IPs. Logon threshold and cool-off are set also, but seem equally without effect.

Any idea why the IP Blocker plugin might not be working as intended?




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I have to admit I actually never used it myself. All filters I see are still available and it should actually still work as before.

    But check your IP address anonymization option because if active the IP addresss naturally will not match the ones on the list.

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    I can indeed reproduce the issue. No clue so far.

  • flo Member

    IP anonymization option is set to 0 = no anonymizing

  • ctdlg Member

    This plugin still does not work in 2023.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We actually will deprecated it with 1.6.1 and it does not work with IPv6 anyway I think.

    Perhaps an alternative, blocking can also be done via htaccess:

    That's even better because really server side and the site is not even reached.

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