Too Many Redirects

I have a new installation of ZenPhoto and am locally hosting.

When I go to my site the initial Gallery page shows up but when I go to the Admin menu and select other pages (Upload, Albums, etc) I get "localhost redirected you too many times" the Network Tab in the developer tools of my browser shows the following:

(repeats many times until the failure

I am not a web developer, don't know much about php


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited September 2021

    Is your .htaccess file present in the root of the install and doest it have the correct rewrite base set? That should be /zenphoto if your install is there. Running setup should have set that. Although the backend does not use rewritten URLs at all, this could interfere.

    Otherwise it might be an issue with the local hosting tool. We use MAMP on Mac ourselves which works out of the box. But there are others of course.

  • I thought for sure that was it because when I looked at .htaccess it had an alias there. when I originally ran the zenphoto setup I had the alias setup in my web config and had since removed it.

    So I put it back to /zenphoto in .htaccess and since that didn't seem to work I deleted my zenphoto folder and did a fresh install (and wiped my cache/cookies, restarted server, and browser to be sure)

    but the problem is still happening :-(

    any other ideas appreciated

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Sorry, no idea right now except check again your local server setup perhaps…

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