openstreetmap extension and zpmobile theme

I just discover openstreetmap extension, and activate it. But I notice using zpmobile theme, album page (when some pictures from that album have the GPS data) the "map area" (below picture) does not load completely. Then I cannot display any picture from that album.
As soon as I use any other theme, all works fine.
I cannot find any thing on the debug log page.
I am using Zenphoto 1.5.
Active Extensions : comment_form, deprecated-functions, openstreetmap, rewriteTokens, rss, security-logger, site_upgrade, tinyURL, uploader_http, uploader_jQuery, userAddressFields.
I guess this is a bug ? should I create it ?
Thank you.


  • Update : I can replicate the issue on fresh 1.5.9 local install.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited October 2021

    zpMobile uses the quite old jQuery mobile framework that encapsulates everything within JS so several other JS stuff does not work properly.

    I suggest to use another theme as we will not update zpMobile anymore as it is internally deprecated already. There are some responsive themes available:

  • Thank you for your answer. I will look at other responsive themes (I was not aware of), no problem with that.

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