Regenerate Dynamic Albums

I have been running ZP 1.5.9 since its release earlier in the year (and other version prior to that) on a local server. Over the weekend I had a problem with the server which resulted in me having to re-install ZP from scratch. My database, photos etc were OK as they reside on other servers. Having completed the re-installation and reconfigured my installation as close as I could to the original I now have working gallery again - except for my dynamic albums. I have restored the relevant *.alb files to the 'albums' directory and they have the correct ownership/permissions but I cannot get them to now show the photos (or indeed any photos) that they previously did.

Is there any way to regenerate the dynamic album contents without needing to completely delete them and recreate them ?




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited November 2021

    Dynamic albums are just saved searches fetching from real albums and have no real saved content anywhere except the definition within the .alb files. They update themselves if the real content changes (execption is the search cache if active but that is not really saving contents in the sense of real albums).

    If your content is in place as before and the query what to get still fits like tags to fetch content use still exist they should work as before just like you did it.

    Are you sure your albums and images are published for example? Also review your logs just in case there are errors somewhere.

  • Acrylian

    Thanks for your quick response. My content is back where is was, with the same permissions etc. My selection is quite simple, based on tags only. The content of the .alb file is similar to:


    I cannot see any errors in any of the log files.

    My ZP 1.5.9 version has not so far regenerated any of the dynamic content however I have transferred the same .alb files to my test ZP 1.6.0A installation and a couple, but not all, HAVE regenerated in that installation. I will leave these file in place on both installations overnight tonight and see what happens tomorrow.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Then I would suggest to try to disable the search cache (Options -> Search). If that perhaps was updated on the wrong time frame it has cached an empty results which it naturally will serve either until cleared or updated itself.

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